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Guest Speaker 27/05/17 – Mike Ellis- Mike Ellis – Aircraft Crash Investigations Mike Ellis was a RAF baby with a father flying Hurricanes and a mother being an instrument fitter. He and his parents emigrated to New Zealand in 1950 (as £10 Poms) where he grew up to become qualified as a motor engineer. In 1960, he joined Tasman Airways (the […]
Guest Speaker 17/05/17 – Lyn Atkinson- Lyn Atkinson – Giving Grannies Giving Grannies helps families in need – especially those with new-born babies – with essential items. It came about when Lyn and her husband, Neil, who had done voluntary work at the Wesley Mission in Fortitude Valley since 2008 had seen the need to help, not just with Christmas presents […]
Guest Speaker 19/04/17 – Greg Forster- Greg Forster – Membership Growth Greg is a member of Ipswich City, a club that has recently seen its membership climb from around 40 to over 60. He told a story which had the moral that not everyone is motivated by the same things What our club was offering might not be attractive to, for […]
Guest Speaker 22/03/17 – Dr Marjorie Green- Dr Marjorie Green – Beyond Blue Her boss, as of the day before, is Julia Gillard but Marjorie’s main purpose in talking to us was to raise awareness about depression and anxiety. She told us that a common question was ‘How do I get someone to seek help if there is something wrong? 1m people […]
Guest Speaker 15/03/17 – Sonni Kaiser- Sonni Kaiser – Exchange Student Sonni noted that Germany is within Europe, a continent of 740 million people in nearly 50 countries speaking 28 different languages. Germany, itself has 82 million people living in a country which would fit into Australia 20 times! Her home is Bochol which has a population of only 80 thousand. […]
Guest Speaker 01/03/17 – Kara Gerritsen- Kara Gerritsen – The Risk of Heart Disease and Life after a heart attack The Heart Foundation strives to reduce heart attacks. There is one heart attack every 10 minutes in Australia and heart disease is the biggest single killer. The message of the Foundation is about how to prevent heart disease and how to […]
Guest Speaker 08/02/17- Judy Mugub – A brief history of Kenmore Judy is the foundation president of the Kenmore Historical Society which has produced a small book about the area. The Kenmore area, including Chapel Hill, Fig Tree Pocket and Pullenvale, really stared in about 1850 when the area was surveyed and lots sold off. The industry of […]
Guest Speaker 25/01/17- Megumi Ono – District Scholar Megumi Ono or Megoo comes from Hyogo which is relatively near Kyoto. She is hosted by the Rotary Club of Sunnybank Hills. Her counsellor is PDG Anne Brand. By comparison, Hyogo has more twice the population of Brisbane at 5.5m cf 2.3m in Brisbane but has half the area. She […]
Guest Speaker 18/01/17- Dianne Scotte – Rotary Leadership Institute The programme was held over three Sundays and covered a huge amount of information. At its basic, it is a grass roots multi-district level development programme designed to develop potential leaders within Rotary, i.e. all those who may take any office both within their club and elsewhere. Part I […]
Guest Speaker 11/01/17- Adele and Steve Stoneley – Sri Lankan Adventures   A common theme from Fijian Indians is that India can be a dirty place so Stephen decided that Sri Lanka might be better place …and so it proved. Adele told us that she was agreeably impressed by Colombo. But there were a couple of trials and […]