What is Rotary

Rotary is a global organisation which provides an opportunity for people to use their skills to assist the local community. If you’ve asked yourself the question “What can I do?” then this may be your answer. Clubs consist of individuals who willingly contribute some of their precious time and valuable expertise to make a difference. We also help those who need it and encourage our youth to reach their potential.

Rotary provides aid and assistance throughout the world and forms a global network based within our local communities. Rotarians know that as individuals they can’t achieve much in their spare time to help others. However, the effect of our contributions are amplified and significant results are achieved as a result of working with others as a team. For example, we are eradicating the scourge of polio from this earth by immunising children around the world. When people work together, enjoying a wider circle of friends and use their skills to make this world a better place in which to live, imagine what can be achieved

Each Rotarian represents their industry or profession within their club. This ensures a broad diversity of backgrounds and vocational skills are available to form project teams. Rotarians recognise the need to maintain high ethical standards in their business and professional lives. They promote and build goodwill both locally and internationally to encourage peaceful coexistence globally.

Some facts:

  • Paul Harris founded Rotary in 1905 by  in Chicago, USA.
  • There are over 1.2 million Rotarians in over 150 countries around the world.
  • A new Rotary club is formed every 12 hours.
  • Rotary has a seat in the General Assembly of the United Nations. This is in recognition of the efforts of its membership to foster goodwill and peace across national boundaries.
  • Rotary is the world’s largest non-government Foundation providing educational and humanitarian aid.
  • Rotary is non-political and non-religious organisation. It recognises the needs of all humankind to live and work together to achieve peace and prosperity world-wide.

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