Nev Beckmann—Part two of the Man Behind the Badge

Guest Nev

Nev started by showing us a photo of his sister – the audacious one and obviously fond of dogs!

But it was his career which Nev accepted was a bit of an unusual one within the bank and which he might have suffered a bit since he was insistent upon only accepted transfers between banks on the Ipswich line (even though transfers were usually promotions) ……although he did apparently do a spell at Kingaroy at one stage.

However, so many bank officers were refusing transfers that the bank was eventually forced to undertake a survey—of both the staff and their families. Nev ended up as bank manager at both Goodna and Booval before he retired but it was when he was acting bank manager at Mt. Ommaney in 1989 that he was approached by a local hardware business owner, Peter Woodrow, and asked to become a Charter Member of the new club being formed, Brisbane Centenary.

Since life was good, family was going well and financially, everything was also good, he thought, ‘Why not!’ and joined. Nev’s retirement might have been a tad premature in that he was increasingly unhappy with the way that banks were going (as were other staff and, more importantly, the bank’s customers). He might have been better off taking time out for a year and, of course, banks were later to start shedding staff so Nev also missed out on redundancy!

Nev noted that he had enjoyed Rotary and that he liked the idea of doing good in the community. He especially enjoyed the friendships and fellowship that he had got out of Rotary and he mentioned a couple of people who had inspired him. with their enthusiasm and ideas, Nev also got into some stuff which might be termed ‘too much information!’ with a photo of him at a concert organized by the bank staff in which he played Peter Allen (Nev had hair in those days!) and mimed to ‘I go to Rio’!…mimed being the operative word, apparently. There was a dance routine which was choreographed by Nev’s daughter, Christine.

We also saw a wedding photo of him and Jude. They will have been married 50 years next year! Finally, we saw a photo of the Beckmann family ensemble. Michael is a doctor and has just been appointed head of the Mater (Australia) Groups head of clinical division against world wide competition. Matthew, we are all familiar with as a Franciscan friar after his serious heart attack a few years ago. He has since gone on to obtain his Phd, and is now lecturing at the Franciscan college in Melbourne. Christine is now Head of English at All Hallows School and commutes from Caloundra each day. Numerous grandchildren but Ruth is the winner of hearts with her antics and her sayings. Nev claims he taught her to count but the example he gave can be left to drinks on a Friday night!