Rebuilding the Nausori Village Kindergarten

Our club has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Fiji and Brisbane locals Glen Palmer and Bob Anderson to rebuild the kindergarten in Nausori Village,Fiji. Cyclone Winston totally destroyed the previous kindergarten in February 2016.


Click map for a larger view.

In August, Glen and Bob visited the village. Glen had this to say:

“Almost 6 months after Cyclone Winston ravaged the country, most people are living in either tents or shelters made from iron rescued from the river after the cyclone. Everything was wet and leaking when we were there as it had been raining continuously all week. Indeed, the day following our visit the village was cut off by the rapidly flowing river that rose well above the causeway. Children cross this daily to go to primary school in a nearby village. That school was also destroyed, so the school is now operating in tents.

We received a very warm welcome from the Headman, the Manager of the kindergarten and others in the village, not to mention Miri, the kindergarten teacher, who is now a close friend. They are all very grateful for this initiative to rebuild the kindergarten. Overall, there were about 95 kindergartens destroyed by the cyclone. In most cases, the teachers also lost their homes. It will take a very long time for the country to recover. However, we intend to make a contribution to at least this village.

Photos of the trip can be seen here.

Project Details

Our club has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Fiji who have a wealth of experience in building cyclone-proof housing. In consultation with the teacher, manager, and with Glen and Bob, Habitat have designed a building that will withstand future weather events such as cyclones. A concept plan of the buildings can be seen below (click for larger images):

kindergarten    Kindergarten Design 2

We need to raise at least AUD$30,000 to make this project a success. This includes the building of the kindergarten, toilets, a lock up store room and a veranda. It does not include shelving, furniture, toys etc. Any additional money raised will be used for these purposes.  To date we have raised $5300.

How you can help build the kindergarten

Rotary Australia World Community Service has set up a campaign to raise funds for this project. All donations through this campaign are TAX deductible. Donations are being accepted through the following link.

In addition, a go fund me page has been set up and is accepting donations. You can find this at:

About Cyclone Winston

Striking the nation on 20 February 2016, Cyclone Winston, a category 5 cyclone, brought widespread damage to numerous islands. Approximately 80 percent of the nation’s 900,000 people lost power, including the entirety of Viti Levu, the main island,  as hurricane-force winds downed trees and power lines. Across the nation a total of 44 people were killed and 126 were injured whilst an estimated 350,000 people were affected by the storm.


The cyclone seriously damaged and destroyed a total of 40,000 homes throughout Fiji. The Western Division (where Nausori Village is located) accounted for the majority of damage with 6,954 homes destroyed and 11,234 damaged. Only 4 of the 66 houses survived in Nausori Village survived (one of those was a house built by Habitat for Humanity Fiji). In addition, the cyclone severely damaged or destroyed 229 schools and 95 kindergartens; most of these are now operating in tents. Total damage from the storm amounted to FJ$2.98 billion (US$1.4 billion).

2022  Update

Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary sent a container of goods to Nausori Village in Fiji in January 2022.  The Archerfield Rotary Club sponsored the container, mainly filled with surplus Queensland Health Dept & Hospitals equipment, which Archerfield Club sent to Nadi Hospital. Archerfield generously said we could use some of the space to supply goods to Nausori Kindergarten and Waimaru Health Centre.    

Unfortunately there was significant flooding which made the pick up and transport for the local people difficult.  They were stopped at a flooded bridge over the river at Tavua, about 2/3 of the way back to their village – fortunately all turned out well and the much needed supplies finally made it to Nausori Village.