Youth Exchange Program

youthThe Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary is proud to be a supporter of The Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Over the life of our Club we have received students from many countries, and in 2017 will receive a German student to our fold.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share cultures and spread the goodwill of Rotary. A Rotary Exchange student will spend up to one year living as a full-time student in a foreign country, immersing him/herself in a new culture. They are in their Senior years of High school and attend local schools.

For the student it is

  • An opportunity to develop personal self confidence and maturity
  • An opportunity to develop a lifetime of international friendships
  • An opportunity to develop a real understanding of many different cultures
  • An opportunity to develop new language skills
  • An opportunity to develop a base for future education and career goals

Outbound student

A term applied by districts/clubs to students they support for an exchange in another country.

Inbound student

A term applied by host districts/clubs to students they receive from another country for an exchange.

Host clubs

Sponsor the student and arrange for Host families for 3 months at a time, over the 12 year period. All families report wonderful experiences with these students.

Host families

In the Youth Exchange program come in all shapes and sizes. They can be Rotarians or non-Rotarians, and may include families with young children, older children, or no children at all.


Can be Rotarians or non-Rotarians, but must work closely with the Host Club and the YEP District committee, to ensure the safety of the student and the smooth running of the program at Club and Host family level.

All this takes place with the security of a well managed program and expert administrative team at district level. If anyone is interested in becoming an Inbound or Outbound student, a Host Family or a Youth Counsellor, contact our Club or

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