Ada Filer – President Elect Training.


She described this as an adventure since she was really only filling in for Graham, who, despite fronting up for President three times, has yet to attend a PETS weekend! Ada found it a tad daunting—especially because of her own inexperience. She did however learnt a great deal and clearly benefited from the experience. Breakfast was good on the first morning and she did at least know one or two people there. Everyone else was some an office holder within their respective clubs which made Ada feel even more of a newbie!

The weekend was supposed to be acronym free which made it apparent just how much TLAs* are used in Rotary. People were not always successful and paid the price! The one constant that came out for Ada was the variety and diversity of the Rotary programmes. Ada was especially taken by all the youth programmes – and their corresponding acronyms!

Other things that Ada saw were that different demographics evidently had different behaviours with regard to meeting times and projects that were to be undertaken. The training scenarios were fun including those designed to enhance our public image and those focused upon membership. Of the actual speakers, Ada noted several but especially PDG Phillip Charles who spoke passionately about the district’s drought appeal and of the plight of those out in the bush affected by drought. Ada noted that assistance at that stage was around $600,000 but this figure is now around $800,000.

Ada also noted Sue St. Clair’s project: providing reading material to the toddlers and primary school children in the drought affected areas. As both Doug and Sue are teachers, they believe that literacy and the knowledge gained from reading is a huge foundation builder that can only be of great benefit.


TLAs* – Three Letter Acronyms