This weeks meeting welcomed Nick Curry (current member) discussing Rotary Council on Legislation. Nick traveled to Chicago representing the zone.

Guest SPeaker Nick

Major point for clubs is the meeting flexibility—which is not total since amendments were passed to require at least two meetings per month…but compromised by the UK custom of cancelling a meeting whenever the meeting was in a week of a public holiday ….which now becomes universal.

Other items were:

  • Minutes of board meetings must now be made available to all members. Implications for clubs when discussing sensitive issues, particularly around members.
  • Joining fees have been abolished. Japanese clubs have been in the habit of charging a PHF membership fee whilst many US clubs also charge a joining fee to fund projects etc.
  • Leave of absence now extended to childbirth, adoption and foster care.
  • Membership qualifications now simplifies to (basically) an adult of good character who wishes to serve the community, both local and international. Validates Australian practice!
  • Rotaractors can now be members of Rotary at the same time. This is also extended to all Rotary Alumni.
  • Provisions have been re-written to make it more difficult (but far from impossible) to appeal against the appointment of a DG. Apparently, India has been plagued by issues along these lines.
  • Vice governor appointments are now optional. This was an amendment made by Nick to a proposed enactment when the original motion to get rid of vice governors completely was not passed.
  • Two Rotarians living at the same address now do not need not subscribe to two copies of the local magazine but a move to abolish subscriptions completely was not passed.
  • RI Dues rise by US$4 per year over the next there years. The CoL felt ambushed but nevertheless passed the enactment by a large majority.