Anne Petrie — Centenary State High School


Anna is head of Department of the School of Improvement at the Centenary State High School and is actively looking at programmes which offer new models of learning in the

21st Century. These models particularly target the engagement of students and their skills as well as looking at ways in which staff can also improve their professionalism. Anna is looking for learning and a learning culture that will embrace innovation. She also wants to bring the classroom experience closer to real life expectations and norms…the ‘Real World’ connection is important as are extra curricular activities which challenge students to develop ideas.

Anna has been looking at a lot of on-line work including Xprize And My Big Idea. She has also made a connection with a U of Q lecturer, Lance, who has developed an innovation package with John Paul College and hopes to work with him on something similar at CSHS. The programme would look at ideas with a view to test the problem using a social impact model and to test the solution by using a business model and from this also review H R issues potential solutions. Part of Lance’s ideas with John Paul College had been to visit past students from U of Q. so an element Anna’s thinking was to rely upon external expertise as those people had the life experience.